Refit & Repair

We provide vessels owners cost-effective and efficient maintenance of the yachts, as well as refit and repair services. We take care of cost-planning, all kinds of minor and major works, including emergency repairs, construction and reconstruction activities. 

Closed shipyards area: 3000 m2

  • Outing area of the quay: more than 10000 m2
  • Production capacity: any court (single hull, multihull, with a sail or power) up to 60 m long and 4m draft
  • The length of the quay: 350 meters
  • Depth at the quay: 6 meters
  • Induction furnace (5700 m3), carpentry and foundry
  • Service: construction, repair, restoration, engineering, naval architecture, technical equipment, obtaining certificates of classification societies, registration of yachts - cooperation with the bureau VERITAS.