Environmental policy and aspects

Environmental aspects are company’s long-term planning basic as we uses natural resources and energy for basic processes’ activities causing pollution emissions and production waste. As production process influences surrounding environment BJB is aware of their responsibility to reduce production negative influence by defining significant environmental aspects.  

Company BJB has been implemented policy and objectives in accordance with normative acts and information on significant environmental aspects. There is environmental management program established in the company to analyze company’s activities and its potential risks as well as to make constant monitoring in the company’s territory. There are criteria used to evaluate frequency of company’s influence on environment as well as its distribution and amounts of natural resources use.

One of company’s objectives is work with significant environmental aspects by doing evaluation of important influence on environment including readjustment of normative acts on concrete aspect as well as establishing current preventive measures.

Company BJB permanently tries to mitigate production influence on surrounding environment and people by investing finance in production equipment as well as managing environmental system in accordance with ISO 14001.

We take care about quality of surrounding environment and own health as well as company helps to save up valuable resources by correctly utilizing waste in intended place.

Quality and environmental policy (PDF)