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From the moment that Latitude Yachts was established, we've been committed to building high-quality yachts.

Our company has come a long way to become what we have all been dreaming of – the place where even the most complex and sophisticated tasks are executed in a well-organized and responsible manner.

Being established in 2007, just four years later Latitude Yachts Quality Management System was officially approved by Bureau Veritas as complying with Quality System Management Standard ISO 9001:2008.

And in 2016 our most known superyacht was launched in the gulf of the Baltic sea. Two actually. They were an ocean-class trimarans of such an uplifting beauty, that they hit covers of the majority of specialized magazines. You've heard of Galaxy of Happiness, right? Yes, we’ve built her. And we are proud of it.

Implementing cutting-edge technologies, and keeping with the highest quality industry standards, Latitude Yachts is the shipyard to rely on. Come over to see it to yourself. It would be great to meet you!


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Projects speak louder than words. Check a few of our recent projects below.

Most known completed projects

Future projects


Being a relatively small shipyard we practice individual approach, when you do not stand in a long line, and your vessel is taken care of fast and with exquisite quality.


Your wildest dreams and ideas will come to life with us.

While sculptor forms his future masterpiece's shape, our craftsmen work hard to shape and polish every detail to its perfection. With more technologies and new materials added to building your dream yachts, the construction keeps depending on precision of our workers eyes and hands.

Latitude Yachts works for excellence.

We also provide in-house services such as technical engineering, hull construction, designs and other.



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The philosophy of Latitude Yachts is based on our genuine drive for fulfilling people's dreams.

Usually, the admiration for sea and yachts starts to develop in person from his very childhood. Our clients live with that feeling for years and years, until one day they understand that the time has come. This is where Latitude Yachts steps in. We transform people's most daring wishes first into projects and drawings, and finally into real, startling yachts.

We are the ones who prove - impossible is nothing. You shouldn't be afraid of your desires - just find the right people to take care of them.


Feel free to contact us to provide some feedback on our projects, or to just say hello!

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